Social Party Packs! (Social Packages)

Having a social? A party? A get together? Wedding Shower? We've got what you need!

5 In store Gluten Free Deli  Meats

(Fine Garlic Sausage, Cottage Loaf, Salami, BBQ Loaf, + Cooked Ham)

2 Bothwell Cheeses (cheddar + monterey jack)


Old Dutch Chips

Pretzels ( on orders over 150 ppl)

Natural Bakery Rye Bread (KUB can be substituted)

Additional Information

Minimum 25 people. 1-2 weeks notice. Deposit required at the time the order is placed. (Full amount to be paid when order is placed on orders under 100 people)

Meats are sliced and cheeses are cubed. The above items are not placed on trays, pickles are whole in the jar. 

Did you know?

The meats included in the social package are gluten free, sold in our counters, and made right here  at Sausage Makers Delicatessen! The meats can be changed, depending what is chosen the price may change accordingly.

Please call the store for more information.